In KB budgets there is no provision for unexpected surprises.


Building a house requires making many decisions, analyzing and weighing many bills, before and after, we will be there with you.


Imagine the security we have in our work that we guarantee by contract terms, costs and qualities.

More than 100 Projects,
50,000 m2 built and
100,000 m2 projected

Select the type of project
and know the details of our designs

Architecture based on
Innovation, Creativity and a lot of Design

We are a 360 architecture studio.

KB Architecture And Engineering SLP. has become a benchmark in architecture, construction, development and real estate promotion thanks to a dynamic, young team with a passion for their work.
What services do we offer? From advice for real estate, consulting and financial services to architecture, through design, construction and development, as well as project management, interior design, marketing and promotion.

At KB we make any project a reality.

The methodology of
perfect job

At KB we work with BIM (Building Information Modeling), a method that allows everyone involved in design and construction to have a collaborative spirit in order to speed up the evolution of the project and achieve a more optimal result.

Thus, we can manage all the data of the building during its entire life cycle and achieve the best results.

Our clients

The personal, close treatment, making us feel that the project was as much ours as his, providing ideas and advice, not only technical and solutions, but also design so that our home is as we wish.

Ramón Lage
Single-family home client

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