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KB’s values speak of the ethics that represents us, the one that guides us to find the solutions that make our clients happier. This ethic is based on three pillars:


In KUBO budgets there is no set of unexpected surprises. Why we include all the items you will need: licenses, notary, execution, insurance, etc.

You will not have a budget of an architecture studio, but of what it will cost you to make the house of your dreams

We do not aspire to be the number one architecture firm in Spain or the world, we want to be the one that helps you design the perfect home for you. We are not interested in rankings, we are interested in you.

El Equipo

KB is made up of the personal and professional experiences of its members and luckily, this group has them very rich in both senses. Behind every professional there is a great person. We invite you to meet them:


KB Always at the forefront

More than 100 projects, 100,000 m2 built and 200,000 m2 projected, designed and audited with a total budget of 200M euros endorse us and position us as one of the BIM architecture technical offices with the most experience and national and international projection.

Our seal of quality is based on staying at the forefront of design and technology. Being always up-to-date with the latest tools, we can always choose the most appropriate option, reducing deadlines, risks and costs, and even increasing the quality of our projects.

Do you fit the KUBO philosophy?

Are you passionate, perfectionist, motivated, creative, close, or do you make good paellas?

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Our passion is architecture, that is felt in each of our designs. We can’t help it. The worst thing is that it happens to all of us who work at KB architects. Here we have found an opportunity for professional and personal growth, in which we all contribute the best of ourselves, to make a team of professionals great.


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    The cost of a home is a value that depends on many factors, mainly the size and quality of finishes chosen. As architects, we will advise you at all times in relation to the target price that you have set and we will work to achieve the best design based on the budget of each client.

    We as architects do not sell plots, however we take care of compiling the requirements of the plot that the client needs and putting him in contact with the most appropriate real estate service.

    In the study we take care of the urban analysis of each plot. With this analysis we elaborate a documentation where the qualification (type of building that can be built), the buildability (total roof surface that can be built) and occupation (how the building should be located in relation to the plot) are reflected.

    The design process of a project is made up of the following phases: analysis of urban planning regulations, preliminary project, basic project and execution project. In these phases, the different procedures necessary for the application for the building license (applications, complementary documentation, visas, etc.) are interspersed.

    Our services range from advice on the acquisition of a plot to the management of the work and the delivery of this turnkey, through the design, calculation and management of the project. We offer a BIM work methodology, which allows us to control the different layers that make up the project at all times and to know the final results of the building from the initial phases.

    The process of granting a major construction license has a different duration depending on the town hall of each municipality. For example, in Malaga it is estimated between 6-12 months from the application, while in Alhaurín de la Torre it takes an average of 3 months.

    The average time to obtain the license is about 6-9 months.

    We are not builders, we are architects. However, our services include mediation between the client and the construction company and comparisons of the different budgets offered for a project, in order to advise and facilitate the client’s bidding process.

    In our projects we use both traditional construction systems (reinforced concrete structure) and modular systems (SISMO system), although we adapt to the requirements of each client and each project.

    The rates to take into account are the following: urban rates, construction tax (ICIO) and connection rates to the different supplies (electricity, water, sanitation, etc.). The value depends on each municipality, but can be estimated at 6% of the PEM.

    The change of use from premises to housing is subject to the density of housing in the building, which must not exceed the rate established for each municipality. In addition to this, the surface of the premises must guarantee the construction of a home that meets the minimum dimensions of the different rooms and satisfies the lighting and ventilation regulations.

    If you have a premises and want to know if the change of use to residential is viable, contact us and we will take care of studying your case.