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An architecture studio that designs for you

We are clear that being the best in meeting the needs of our clients is the path that will lead KB to be the best architecture studio in Spain.

To achieve this, we are based on three pillars

Do what we say

That implies commitment, responsibility and also the possibility that sometimes you have to say no. Trust costs a lot to earn and little to lose, we are not going to promise you things that are not viable, but we will guarantee you by contract terms, costs and qualities

An architectural design
based on excellence

Our personal involvement in the execution of the services provided is based on creativity, innovation, design, functionality and rigorous quality control and economic control of the projects, which allows us to exceed customer expectations.

More than 15 years of experience in the design of pre-industrialized houses and modular houses

KB architecture and engineering has become a benchmark in Spanish architecture. The BIM industrialized design methodology with which we work allows us to carry out an architectural design with high efficiency and minimizing the possibility of making mistakes.

Expansion zones
and location of plots

Residential – hotel – industrial

We look for building plots for you at the best price in the areas with the highest revaluation.

Whether to build single-family homes such as hotels or commercial premises.

We have an agreement with more than 50 real estate agencies with preference over the most profitable opportunities

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Are you a real estate professional? Do not miss the opportunity to collaborate with Kubo Arquitectos, maybe you have the plot and we can design that house that clients dream of. Contact us here.

Advice from
urban projects

  • Architecture and design under construction
  • Management of catering services
  • Projects subdivision partial plans
  • Legalizations
  • Planning licenses
  • Technical services
  • Asesoramiento en solicitud de licencias de actividad
  • Reporting: expert reports, technical reports and architecture reports

Trust your advice and information to experts in urban services. Don’t risk having unnecessary problems that can lengthen the development of your work or business project. Consult us before starting any process. We will inform you without any commitment.


Feasibility studies

Legal Economic Financial

Do you know how many projects in which a great effort is made to achieve execution on time and costs are paralyzed for years due to lack of urban planning licenses and authorisations? Do you know how many projects have not made a good estimate of all the measurements and items and end up shooting up their costs? Do you know how many projects have ended with the ruin of the promoters for not having the necessary and adequate financing to be able to execute them?

Before making any investment, you will know if it is legal, the approximate amount of the operation and how to obtain financing to carry it out.

Do not risk it in decision making, ask us for a legal – economic – financial feasibility study and we will take care of everything.

Projects of

The art of projecting in architecture must have a perfect balance between creativity, functionality and design.

Whether it is for the construction of residential buildings because you want to build a single-family house, address renovations in hotels (or build a new hotel) or any industrial-commercial project, KB Architecture and Engineering is your best ally.

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Interior design

Interior design services are something very intimate between the client and the architect, they must know each other well so that the room ends up reflecting the personality and comfort that the people who will use it need.

At KB Arquitectos we are clear that the work of an interior designer is based on knowing the people and the architecture of the property to make the space part of an experience.


If we stop to observe our surroundings, we would quickly realize that we have within reach a range of possibilities to appreciate and enjoy both in the urban environment and in more naturalized spaces. That landscape architecture.

Architectural or urban landscaping is the beautiful art of how to take advantage of our external spaces. Integrate exterior spaces with interiors. An art that is becoming increasingly important in urban environments, where multiple design factors must be taken into account, from residential and urban development to the planning of green and recreational areas.

KB Arquitectos carries out sustainable designs that integrate native species in garden architecture. Design of landscapes that fall in love and designed to be enjoyed.


Facility Services

Other architecture services

Turnkey service

Rehabilitation of houses, reforms of houses or sustainable rehabilitation projects regardless of the conditions of the building.

Project measurement

Energy projects and efficiency certificate

personal assistant

KB es garantía de calidad en los servicios prestados

High-quality architecture services in the design that do not lose sight of the cost of realization and dealing with the client based on closeness and professionalism in dealing with the client.



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